At the core of our mission is the belief that everyone—especially those struggling through hard times—deserves to have the joy and unconditional love of a pet; and that all pets deserve to be healthy, safe, and in a loving home.

Pets In Need is the only resource of its kind in the entire Greater Cincinnati area and as of 6/30/19, more than 4,000 cats and dogs from 1,800 low-income pet families were enrolled for clinic services.

In 2019, the clinic provided:

  • 5982 veterinary care appointments
  • 4,131 vaccines
  • 536 spay/neuter vouchers
  • 10,479 doses of flea/tick medication
  • 5,971 doses of heartworm medication
  • 159 referrals for surgeries and dental procedures

Client co-payments provide less than one half of the clinic’s annual operating budget; the remaining must be raised through a combination of grants, fundraising, and individual giving.