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Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati

What We Do

What We Do

Everyone wants their pets to have the best care possible. But sometimes life interferes with even the best of intentions. Jobs or homes are lost. Families split up. Accidents and illnesses happen. Suddenly, money for a visit to the vet or even pet food isn’t there anymore. That's why we're here.
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City Beat

City Beat "Best of Cincinnati" 2016

According to the staff of City Beat, Pets In Need is the best vet helping Cincinnati pets and their people. “For pet owners, animals play a huge role in life — they’re like family members. It's no different for people living in poverty.
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Support Our Mission

Support Our Mission

Pets In Need helps those struggling through hard times to continue to have the joy of a pet in their lives. We receive no government support and rely completely on a caring community of donors and grantors. Won't you please help?
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Save the Date

Save the Date

EVENT: Petcasso 2016
DATE: Saturday, November 19, 2016
LOCATION: The Carnegie Center