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Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati provides non-emergency veterinary care for pets from qualifying low-income households. 
Our clinic serves only pet families whose total household income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

How to Enroll for Services

  • We accept applications in person during scheduled clinic hours.
    (Do NOT bring your pet when you are enrolling!)
  • For information on how to enroll via email or fax please call the clinic.
  • Bring your current state or federally issued photo ID.
  • Bring proof of household income. Income guidelines and acceptable documentation listed below.
  • There is an annual $5.00 enrollment fee due at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment.


Household Size Household Income
1 $24,280
2 $32,920
3 $41,560
4 $50,200
5 $58,840
6 $67,480
7 $76,120
For each additional person add $8,640


  • Latest paycheck stub
    Must be within one month of today’s date and include YTD totals
  • Income tax return from last year
  • SSI or SSDI benefits statement letter
    Must be dated within the past year and include dollar amount
  • SNAP or Medicaid benefits letter, not the card
    Must be dated within the past year
  • Unemployment or Workers Compensation benefits statement
    Must be within one month of today’s date
  • Evidence of loss of home or extraordinary circumstances
    Acceptable information at the discretion of Pets In Need

What to Expect as a Pets In Need Client

  • You will receive an enrollment card good for one year from issue date. This enrollment card or your photo ID must be presented every time you receive services at Pets In Need.
  • Your pet is eligible to receive care during our scheduled clinic hours. Co-pay is $15 per pet for each vet visit. Charge includes exam by a veterinarian, basic vaccinations, and most prescriptions. There is an additional cost for some services.
  • All appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance are subject to a non-refundable $15.00 late cancellation fee.
  • After your pet has seen one of our veterinarians you will be eligible to purchase for a $6.00 monthly co-pay (per pet) flea/tick and heartworm prevention.
  • Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash and debit/credit card. Debit/credit cards are subject to a $1.00 processing fee.
  • If your pet is not yet spayed or neutered you are required to have them altered in order to keep your enrollment at Pets In Need. After seeing our veterinarian you will be provided a voucher that allows you to have your pet altered for a minimal co-pay.

2019 Clinic Pricing Updates

  • Co-pay for a vet visit will be $20 per pet for established patients and $40 for new patients at their first visit.
  • The co-pay (per pet) flea/tick and heartworm prevention will be $7.00 monthly.
Download the Application
(Please review the application carefully. It requires you to comply with certain
terms and policies, including spaying and neutering ALL animals in your household.)